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Wardrobe Companion is the iPhone and iPad Companion to our computer based products: Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant and Wardrobe Manager.


What is Wardrobe Companion?

  • It is a plug-in for the Filemaker Pro database engine that drives
  • It is a scaled version of  WardrobePlanner, WardrobeAssistant and WardrobeTools
  • It syncs to the computer versions of all three products  and they passes data in both directions

What WardrobeCompanion is NOT:

  • It is not a stand-alone smart phone App as you might know iPhone Apps to be
  • It will not run without the computer based Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant and Wardrobe Manager
  • It is not the full version of Wardrobe-Planner, Wardrobe-Assistant or Wardrobe-Manager
What does Wardrobe Companion do for you?  
  • Carry your clothing inventory and accompanying photos of wardrobe items without the computer
  • Carry your existing assembled outfits including photos
  • Assemble outfits without your computer being present and later pass them to the computer version
  • Carry/Create clothing Wish Lists. This allows you to take photos with your phone camera directly into Wardrobe Companion
  • Compare items from your wish list to items in your inventory.
  • Assemble outfits on the fly based on new items (while in a store) with existing items from your wardrobe
  • Create a PDF file of that outfit and email it to a friend or client for their feedback
  • You can shoot your entire clothing inventory directly into Wardrobe-Companion with your SmartPhone Camera and then synch to your computer and pass the photos and clothing records to your computer version of Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant and Wardrobe Manager.
  • Carry your Laundry, Clothing Consignments, Clothing Donation and Clothing Travel lists.
  • Has a Phonebook: You can call, email and retrieve maps (based on addresses in phonebook) directly from within WardrobeCompanion
  • and more...
What else will Wardrobe Companion do for you in the future?  
  • Carry/Create Grocery Lists
  • Carry/Create To Do Lists
  • Carry/Create Frequent Flyer Accounts
  • Music and Video Inventory
  • Expense Reports
  • The above mentioned are separate programs and are NOT  included in Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant or Wardrobe Manager
  • and more...
Please go to: http://www.wardrobe-companion.com for more information  
Did we mention that Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant or Wardrobe Manager are compatible with Macs and PC's?