Pricing and Availability for Wardrobe Manager and Wardrobe Assistant - the professional wardrobe inventory management software

  Please Note: None of our WardrobeTools Software Products are available for purchase at the moment nor have they been priced. We are making these pre-purchase, fully functional demos available because of the enormous amount of interest shown in these products and the user's desire to test drive and become familiar with the software prior to us making them available for purchase!  
  Wardrobe Assistant: Regarding the pricing of our products

Regarding the pricing of our WardrobeTools software products.

  The pricing structure for WardrobeTools applications and Add-On Modules has yet to be determined. Final versions of these products can be expected by the end of year. Obviously the pricing will have to be finalized by then.

Regarding the pricing of Wardrobe Planner, our personal clothing inventory management and outfit assembly solution designed for business men and women as well as the stay-at-home moms and dads!

This product will be for purchase only with no option to lease.

Regarding the pricing of Wardrobe Assistant, our wardrobe inventory and outfit assembly solution designed for professional Fashion and Image Consultants, Fashion Stylists, Personal Assistants, Personal Shoppers and Dressers and similar!

We are currently considering a few pricing options centered around an outright purchase as well as time leasing options!

We understand that many are just starting out or are in the early stages their careers and businesses and cash flow is tight. That is why we will be offering affordable leasing programs of various durations. Theses lease options and can be allowed to expire and re-activated as necessary.

Regarding the pricing of Wardrobe Manager, our wardrobe inventory and costume assembly solution designed for professionals in the world of Entertainment, Fashion and Sports.

Whether Rock & Roll, TV, Movies, Broadway, Opera, Ballet, Fashion Shows, the Circus, High School, College, or Professional Sport, Wardrobe Manager lets you quickly take control of your entire inventory and manage your daily chores all under one roof.

We are currently considering a few pricing options centered around purchasing the basic program as well offering add-on modules if and when they become necessary to you!

Our Add-On Modules include: Running Show Schedule, Budgeting, Merchandise inventory and sales, Tour and Venue Advance, Show Settlements, Hotels and Hotel Settlements and more.

In Conclusion:

Time-Limited demos are available and can be downloaded from any of our WardrobeTools related web sites. They are fully functional and we will grant time extensions, free of charge, until final versions become available for purchase.

Thank you for your interest in our products!

  WardrobeTools Availability


Please Note: We are renaming our WardrobeTools  application to Wardrobe Manager.

We will be using the name/term WardrobeTools to refer to our suite of Wardrobe related software applications.


The new WardrobeTools Evaluation Demo which includes Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant, Wardrobe Manager is  available for evaluation.

  Being that Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant and Wardrobe Manager are all within the new evaluation demo, you can choose which version you would like to evaluate each time you start the program. Be brave  :) and test drive them all to see which version is best suited for your needs!  

These products are NOT yet available for purchase nor have they been priced.

We expect to have the applications priced and available for sale by the end of year, if not before!

  There are support videos and install instructions on this website that are relevant to the new WardrobeTools Evaluation Demo . Support Docs are contained within subfolders of the installation folder and are readable once the demo is installed!  

Please visit our YouTube Channel: WardrobeTools Software and Services to view our Video Tutorials!