WardrobeTools Beta and Usability Testing Opportunities

What is a Beta and Usability test?

A Beta and Usability test is typically the last test performed by companies prior to releasing a product or a new version of a product.

From identifying critical bugs to providing general opinions and ideas about the product, a Beta and Usability test allows customers/potential customers to be involved in our product's development/direction.

Is there compensation for being a tester?

There is no cash payment to Beta and Usability testers. WardrobeTools cannot expect your feedback to be honest and reliable if youíre being paid to give it.

The whole point of a Beta and Usability test is to get unbiased and honest feedback.

However, like many other companies, WardrobeTools does give incentives (products or product discounts, personal training, free access to paid resources, etc.) to testers who complete their obligations to the particular test.

At WardrobeTools, all our active participants are eligible for an incentive at the end of the test. In most cases, this is the product or a duration specific lease as well as support resources that we normally charge for.

In cases where free product isnít possible, you will get prizes, gift certificates, or other goodies.

We believe, and we hope you agree; the greatest benefit of participation is that you will walk away with a thorough understanding of a product you will be using often!


Please understand that we realize everyone's time is limited and VERY valuable. What we have described about our test and tester objectives are the ideal goals and aspirations for our tests and our testers.

Life is a complicated process that is not always utopian. We are flexible with our tests and testers.

We will always do our very best to make sure this is a pleasurable and rewarding experience for all!