Beta and Usability Testing Opportunity

“Beta and Usability Test for professions who meet the product's intend target description”

Beta and Usability Test for Wardrobe Assistant

When you are ready, to fill out the Testing Application for Wardrobe Assistant, PLEASE CLICK HERE!!

This project's main objective is to get feedback on this unreleased product from potential users. The feedback is then used to improve the product before it’s launched.

Beta and Usability testers are expected to use the product and provide feedback. Using the product means completing specific tasks, using each module and utilizing all provided help systems.

Feedback will take the form of surveys, forums, or bug reports and anything that comes up by just emailing the Beta and Usability team via our on-board Reporter Module.

Test Duration:

April 1 through December 31

Project Goals Overview

WardrobeTools would like to receive feedback on the following:

  • Strength of Functionality and Usefulness of Features
  • Clarity of Screen Organization and Nomenclature
  • Clarity and usefulness of our on-board help system.
  • Clarity and usefulness of our Video Tutorials.
  • Product Enhancement Ideas
  • General Comments and Observations
  • Report Bugs and Performance Issues

Project Detail /  Tester Objectives

We are looking for testers that have a sincere interest in using this product and will devote the time to thoroughly use and provide feedback on the following subjects:

  • Provide feedback on each module and major function as to its usefulness, ease of understanding and ease of use
  • Report any bugs or misbehaviors
  • Report any performance issues or malfunctions related to speed of performance
  •  Provide assessment of Screen, Tab Object and Field organization from the point of easy and intuitive work flow
  •  Provide assessment of Screen, Tab Object and Field Title nomenclature (is it named understandably and intuitive to use)
  • View the available Video Tutorials and provide feedback as to their title and verbiage clarity as well as their usefulness to the intended topic
  • Use the available On-Board Help System and provide feedback as to its clarity, usefulness, organizational structure and method of delivery
  • Report anything that remains confusing to you after exploring answers within the available video tutorials and on-board help system
  • Provide ideas for future product enhancements, from new features to enhancement of existing
  • Provide general comments about anything
  • Provide over-all personal opinions on our Beta and Usability/usability testing process/program and your over all experience as a Beta and Usability tester

Incentives for Wardrobe Assistant Testers

As previously stated , there is no cash payment for Beta and Usability testing.

WardrobeTools cannot expect your feedback to be honest and reliable if you’re being paid to give it. The whole point of the Beta and Usability test is to get unbiased and honest feedback.

If you meet our agreed upon obligations, WardrobeTools will provide you with a free one year lease that will be bound to the computer that you install it on. You will have the right and the ability to transfer the software and it's license to an other computer owned by and registered to you.

You are responsible for deactivating the license via our Activation Web page prior to moving the installation to a new computer and then reactivating the license on the computer it was moved to.

Under no circumstances do you have the right to copy the software we provide to you and then give it to someone else!

You will also have access to our Live Webinars, recordings of those live webinars as well as unlimited email and limited phone support during and after the test is complete.

We believe, and we hope you agree; the greatest benefit of participation is that you will walk away with a thorough understanding of a product you will be using often!

Please understand that we realize everyone's time is limited and VERY valuable. What we have described about our test and tester objectives are the ideal goals and aspirations for our tests and our testers.

Life is a complicated process that is not always utopian. We are flexible with our tests and testers.

We will always do our very best to make sure this is a pleasurable and rewarding experience for all!