WardrobeTools software and Services

  • from Wall Street to Main Street to Broadway and beyond

  • from the classrooms of Juilliard to the runways of Milan

  • from Pom-Poms and Little League to Soccer Moms and Pee-Wee Leagues

  • from Yankees to Lakers to Movers and Shakers

  • from Fashion and Image to Shoppers and Dressers

  • from Ringling to Vegas to Theatre Professors

  • from Movies or Rentals to Cirque du Soleil

  • from TV to Consignments to Russian Ballet


WardrobeTools is a suite of software products designed specifically to meet the needs of anyone who manages wardrobe.

  How can our software help you?  
  • Manage your company with our new business management module.
  • Track wardrobe, materials and tools inventories.
  • Assemble related items into costumes/outfits/ensembles/capsules/looks/groupings!
  • Generate financial lists for charitable, insurance and tax purposes.
  • Create lists for travel, charity, laundry, consignment, rental, wish, buy, etc.
  • Assign items to permanent &  temporary storage locations.
  • Full body measurements for design, creation and alterations.
  • Compare items to items, assemblies to assemblies and items to assembly items.
  • Compare item measurements with performer measurements.
  • Create color palettes for hair makeup and wardrobe per client or performer.
  • Unlimited notes and tasks for all entities.
  • Associate unlimited photographs for each entity; items assemblies  or people.
  • Create full face and body documentation with notes and unlimited photos.
  • Design and administer client or performer interviews and questionnaires.
  • Assign items or assemblies to individuals and/or productions.
  • Inventory the tools of your trade and assign them to storage locations.
  • Document vital personal information on clients, cast and crew or family.
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  Are you managing clients, multiple troops, TV and movie shoots, concert tours at the same time? No problem, our software discretely isolates and allows you to manage as many entities as needed. Our WardrobeTools software products are easy to learn, easy to use and easy on your budget and are the quintessential suite of wardrobe inventory management products for Mac, Windows PCs and iOS devices.  
  Please Note: None of our WardrobeTools Software Products are available for purchase at the moment nor have they been priced. We are making these pre-purchase, fully functional demos available because of the enormous amount of interest shown in these products and the user's desire to test drive and become familiar with the software prior to us making them available for purchase!  
  We have a new addition to our WardrobeTools suite of software products! WardrobeCompanion is the iPhone and iPad companion to our computer based products, WardrobePlanner, WardrobeAssistant and WardrobeManager. Go to www.wardrobe-companion.com (for iPhone and iPads) for the full story or here for a quick overview.  
  Did we mention that Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant or Wardrobe Manager are compatible with Macs and PC's?  
  Wardrobe Assistant and Wardrobe Manager can be networked and accessed over the internet via Remote Desktop and VPNs!