Whatís a Beta and Usability Test

A Beta and Usability test is a project a company runs to get feedback on an unreleased product from real people. This feedback is then used to improve the product before itís launched.

Itís a chance to get the product into the hands of real people in real environments and see how they use it and what kinds of problems they run into. Itís usually one of the final tasks a company completes before launching a product.

All kinds of technology products are Beta and Usability tested before release. Hardware, software, mobile apps, and games all benefit from being tested before launch. As a result, youíll find a wide variety of Beta and Usability tests.

From niche applications that are for a very specific group of testers to large public Beta and Usability tests where WardrobeTools wants anyone to take the product for a spin.

What We Look for in Testers

Since every product has a different target market, every Beta and Usability test requires different Beta and Usability testers, but generally speaking, we are looking for testers that care about the product and will devote the time to thoroughly using and providing feedback on the product.

What Testers Actually Do

Again, since every product is different, every Beta and Usability test is going to be different. The one constant is that Beta and Usability testers are expected to use the product and give feedback on it. Using the product could mean completing specific tasks or just using it however you normally would.

Feedback could take the form of surveys, forums, bug reports, or just emailing the Beta and Usability team with anything that comes up. Here are some suggestions on being a great Beta and Usability tester.

How to Become a Tester

WardrobeTools is always looking for Beta and Usability testers.

You can click on the link; Beta and Usability Testing Opportunities to go directly to our signup page.

In the near future, you will be able to sign up to become a member of WardrobeTools Beta and Usability Testers Club. Members get early and exclusive access to Beta and Usability tests.

Here are some more tips on getting selected to be a tester.